Asiatic has played an instrumental role in ensuring the effectiveness of water related systems in numerous prestigious projects. Our list of customers serves as a testimony to the diverse expertise in the industry. Besides supplying typical water transfer and booster applications to over 55% of developments by Singapore's largest real estate developer, the Housing Development Board (HDB), Asiatic also work with users in other industries. One example, which we proudly included in our portfolio, was with the 'Jurong Bird Park', where we have supplied a sophisticated rainfall simulation system, which combines the PID process control and VSD for the pumps. This system is designed to create a realistic tropical rain forest effect with light rain to heavy downpour.

Apart from supplying to countries where we have a foothold, our reputation has also secured us projects in other areas like the Philippines, Myanmar, Nepal, Yemen, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bangladesh and even in Egypt!

Our proven record of commercial, residential and industrial works, makes Asiatic a natural choice for ambitious, big-scale and technologically challenging projects. However, we do not neglect the wide base of smaller pump buyers who have supported us since our early years. We continue to take pride in serving all customers who have helped nurture our business.