In ensuring complete pumping service that meets market needs, Asiatic Engineering registered and attained approval for our fire protection pumps to be listed under our Singapore regulated PSB (Productivity & Standards Board) Product Listing Scheme's 1A Listing. The three manufacturers are Reddy Buffaloes Fire Pumps of the USA, Godwin Fire Pumps from UK and DP-Pumps from Holland.

Reddy Buffaloes manufactures one of the most extensive range of pumps for the fire protection industry that are Factory Mutual (FM) Approved and Underwriter Listed (UL). Apart from horizontal end suction centrifugal and double suction split case centrifugal pumps, R-B also manufactures Vertical Turbine Pumps

Godwin Pumps of the United Kingdom, with extensive research into fire protection requirements, manufactures both End Suction Back Pullout Centrifugal pumps listed under the Loss Prevention Council (LPC).

DP Pumps, the largest stainless steel vertical multistage centrifugal pumps in Holland has the DPV series pumps approved and listed by the PSB as a fire jockey pump.